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1.) The current generation of teenagers that have little to no education whatsoever, and strictly (STRICTLY) refuse to get any of said education, or a job which requires such education.
2.) A steadily increasing number of teenagers that type/text things with unspeakably hideous grammar, replacing easy to spell words, such as "Are" and "Too/to/two" with "R/r" and "2", respectively.
3.) 90% of the teenagers in high/middle schools, and, unfortunately, soon to be elementary schools, commonly seen with a plastic bottle filled with a tiny bit of liquid (like sweet tea or soda) to give the impression that they are drinking it, when they are really using it as a "Spitter" for their disgusting chew tobacco, or "Snuff". Also known for never brushing their teeth. EVER.
1.) Read? Read? READ?!?!?!?! Who da fuk reads deez dayz?? I aint readin nuttin u stupid fuk, who da fuk do u think u r tryin to get me 2 read?!?!!
2.) Stupid Teenager: "yo whats up trick u goin 2 dat party tonite?! ima fuk a sexii chik 4 sho!! aint nobody stoppin me, trick!!

Me: -.- Shut the fuck up and stop texting me, you stupid Illiterate Teenager.
3.) Teenager 1: Yo dawg, you got a empty bottle?

Teenager 2: Um, yeah, I'm going to throw it away.

Teenager 1: No no no, dawg, lemme have it!!

Teenager 2: What could you POSSIBLY need an

empty bottle for?!

Teenager 1: Ima use it as a spitter!!

Teenager 2: ......You're an idiot. *Throws bottle away*

You want it? GO GET IT, FUCKER.
by Thardus July 09, 2010
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