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Similar to the Karate Kid.

An Ill Legend is any suburban-grown white male, aged 12-18, who studies heavily in any martial arts. He uses various weapons to defend himself in combat.

An Ill Legend will be extremely sheltered from the world around him, knowing little about race-relations, and other serious matters. He acts upon instinct alone when tackling a problem.

In addition to fighting crime on the streets of New York City, an Ill Legend will find themselves immersed in an artistic endeavour most of the time.

There are hundreds of of Ill Legends roaming the world, protecting people from the shadows.
Girl: "I was walking down the street when a man attacked me from the shadows!"

Boy: "What happened!?"

Girl: "I was saved by an Ill Legend that swooped down from the roof tops."
by RewindHoodie January 13, 2010
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