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Loosely translated into English as "The Task Force", IL TASK FORCE was a group of Italian-American and Italian-American appreciators who fought and caused crime throughout the world. Although the group was formed in the beginning of the 21st century in the suburban town of Islip Terrace, the members have since began traversing the globe on solo careers. It is rumored that every once and again the members are all in Islip Terrace at the same time. If such conditions arise, it is said that Luna Pop ratings and wine sales skyrocket, and a warm blanket of joy covers the corners of town.
Fuck, I was really looking forward to having zeppolis at CAFE BAR but il task force ate 5 trays of them before they left the kitchen! I wish I was in il task force.

Ho Andato

I asked one of the member of il task force how they managed to goof off all year and still maintain a steady 150 average in class, but he just slapped me in the face with a warm ravioli. Boy, I wish one of them would give me an Italian Parkjob already!
by Vinny Bag-a Doughnuts October 04, 2009
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