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A Stereotype of a guy who indulges in buying designer furniture and decor, or watches HGTV and subscribes to the Horchow catalog to satisfy an empty part of his life. The majority is often Emo or Gay, but also includes guys in the entertainment industry, and urban loners with too much money. The title, Tyler Durden (Pitt; alternate personality), gave himself(Norton) in the movie, "Fight Club".
Near the end of Fight Club, when Tyler stands up to... himself;
-"Now why would you want to put a gun to your head?"
-"Not my head Tyler; Our head."
-"Interesting... Where you going with this, Ikea boy."

"Ron, Your lamp shade matches your coasters... This is your dorm room! When did you become an Ikea boy?" -not Fight Club
by John O. B. September 08, 2008
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