A second name for a Japanese male prostitute. In its natural habitat, Igarashi is extremely uncomfortable with any member of the opposite sex. Very giving with all of his possessions in hope of attracting a female to his layer.
Girl 1: Hey there are free shots in Igarashi's room as usual, want to go?

Girl 2: Lets go! I can look past his awkwardness because he is so nice.

Girl 1: So nice I might even blow him

Girl 2: We will see after 10 shots
by The Greater Shelton February 06, 2017
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A member of all-female manga-creating team CLAMP.
Satsuki Igarashi works with Tsubaki Nekoi, Mokona Apapa, and Ageha Ohkawa.
by Magi-chan September 04, 2005
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