"If she wasn't my daughter" is a phrase coined by Donald Trump which means "I'd like to have sex with my daughter." It generally provokes disgust in other humans.
If She Wasn't My Daughter, A poem by Donald Trump

If Only She Wasn't my Daughter/ As I've Often Said/ If she Wasn't my daughter/ You know I'd be Dating Her/ If She Wasn't my daughter/ You Know I'd be Raping Her/ If She Wasn't my Daughter/ You Know I'd be grabbing her by by the Pussy/ (I don't even wait)/ When you're a STAR, they let you do anything!/ But not if they're your daughter/ If only she wasn't my daughter!/ Ivanka has a very nice figure/ Too good for playboy/ I'm just a 70 year old man/ Who wants to have sex with his daughter/ Is it OK for me to call her a piece of ass?/ Yes!/ Quick, someone give me a tic-tac/I'm about to start kissing her!/If only she wasn't my daughter!/Come sit on Daddy's lap, sweetheart.
by kingshowman October 29, 2016
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