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Can be a figurative or literal ball that creates profound stupidity in the person with the misfortune of holding it.

It is often used by writers to fuel the episode of the week when they can no longer think of a worthwhile plot driver.
-A tell for this is when you scream at a character, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? NO, STOP THAT!"

Any Actor that appears in an infomercial.

Can be thought of as a game of Hot Potato but with one's competence on the line.
Actor with the Idiot Ball:
"Too stupid to figure out how to use a blanket? Get a Snuggie!"

Villain with the Idiot Ball:
"Before I kill you Mr. Bond, I will tell you how to stop my plan for world domination."
by Icterus September 11, 2011
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football. no not good old real football (soccer) but damn american football.
"hey wanna play some football?" "hell no idiot, i don't wanna play idiotball, unless you mean soccer." "haha soccer?! that's a sissy sport!!" (at this time the soccer player calls his soccer friends to come help him kick the football players butt.)
by shoo-opp a doobie doobie March 18, 2009
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game in which males sit opposite each other with their legs spread some distance apart. in their underwear, they throw various objects at each other's junk. whoever cannot take the pain is the loser.
after a rousing game of idiot ball, ehren had trouble walking.
by iho October 29, 2003
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