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verb (used with or without object), idio·se·lyt·ize, idio·se·lyt·ize·d

1. Vitriolically lecturing other people about historical, political, and/or scientific topics that you yourself do not understand whatsoever.
2. Zealously parroting shallow (logically flawed) political dogmas in a highly moralistic tone.
Bob: Can we please change the channel? Rachel Maddow is idioselytizing nonstop about Russia.
Joe: Won't make a difference. CNN is idioselytizing 24/7 about Russia right now too.
Bob: Damn...
Joe: At least it's better than when they were idioselytizing about Trump's ice cream scoops.
Bob: Yeah dude, that was HELLA retarded!
Joe: Can't believe anyone watches this garbage propaganda anymore!
Bob: Me either!
by LingoStarr February 26, 2019
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