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an Iconidouche is a person in a workplace, school or other type of establishment with specific occupants who is such a douchebag that everybody can identify him/her even if they've never really met each other. It is made up of the words "Iconic" (as in a well known figure) and "douchebag" (as in a total asshole, cock, dick, etc.).
Not to be confused with a person who is so popular everyone knows who he/she is (they are generally just assholes).

Co-worker #1: "Have you met that guy over there yet?"
Co-worker #2: "No. Isn't that BB?"
Co-worker #1: "I thought you said you never met him?"
Co-worker #2: "I haven't. He's just the Iconidouche of this place."
by Zany Eyes April 18, 2009
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