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An Ichy Jew is a prostitute, who injects themselves with heroine using needles that have been used bu other people. An Ichy Jew is also infected with: syphilis, chlamydia, genital warts, herpes, gonaria and bacterial vaginosis. They also have crabs and do their own blood transfusions.

The name originated from the first 10 Japanese numbers. 1 is Ich which relates to the STI's. 10 is Jew, and there are 10 factors to being an Ichy Jew.
*The Japanese numbers are not spelt like that it is just the sound.
"OMG look at that girl over there!"
"Eeeww she is such an Ichy Jew!"
"Eww IKR?!"

"OMG did you here about (name)?"
"No? Whats up?"
"Aparently she's an Ichy Jew"
"*Gasp* No way?!"
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