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The Iceland Surprise is best done during the winter when it is cold and snowy outside. After finishing coitus in the doggy style position, ask your partner "Is it cold in Iceland?" After the inevitable "Huh?" or "What?", proceed to take an icicle and inserting it into the meat tunnel of your partner in fornication. Yell "Surprise!" and hope that your actions will lead to the freezing of their juices.
Guy 1: So what did you do during the black out last night? It was like...negative ten outside.

Guy 2: Oh ya know, found some chick to fuck. I totally pulled the Iceland Surprise. And on top of that, I pulled a Sheboygan on her using snow instead of glitter!

Guy 1: Oh that's cold dude, real cold.
by A Bored Amish Man December 28, 2010
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