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An ice pick jones is way to cause frustration , shame, and anger in a person. The "picker" jams his hand, which is extended into the "recievers" armpit. The quicker that one picks someone the better. The most humiliating part of this activity is the ice pick jones symbol that comes after the pick. With one hand you hold out a imaginary icicle and hit it with the right hand with a imaginary pick. This action is to be performed in the face of the reciever. The words ice pick, pick or jones can be exclaimed after the completion of a succesful ice pick.

There are several strategies to this. The team pick is when you have one partner grab the recievers arm and lift it up while the other one picks them. This can also be done with one person.

There are also rules for a failed attempt at a pick. If the picker fails then he must leave the sights of the reciever or recieve a free pick on himeself. If the person refuses you are allowed to beat the person.

The most satisfying pick is when you get someone in an urban environment. Classroom picks are less satisfying because the person is doing work and is not focused on defense.
Lifting a persons arm up and hitting them in the armpit with the open hand. Then exclaim ice pick jones.
by icepickj April 06, 2009
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