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1. Any person at an ice rink who attempts to show off, without doing anything show-off-worthy (see examples below).

2. At an ice rink, the person who, instead of doing their job as a guard, skates around in a douche-like manner to prove they're better than everyone else.

3.Any person at an ice-rink who shows off by: skating really fast, skating really fast and then skidding, resulting in sheets of ice spraying on innocent by-skaters.
1. Person- "Hey, my child is really afraid to skate, can you bring him a walker to help him out?"
Ice Douche- "Ah, nah. I'm too busy showing off to actually do the job I'm being paid for." (Skates off douchily)
2. Person A- "Hey, havin fun?"
Person B- "No, I almost got ran over by that ice douche over there."
3. Person A- "Hey, Ice Douche, could you do a triple axle for us?"
Ice Douche- "Umm, yeah, after the ice is cleared" (Ice is cleared and still doesn't do triple axle).
by pistachiodskater March 19, 2011
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