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Singer of Skrewdriver, killed in a tragic accident where his brakes were fixed; One of the most amazing men to ever walk the face of this earth. He is now in Valhalla.
Ian Stuart, we will never forget you.

Ian Stuart was a true warrior.

Did you ever hear Ian Stuart's voice?!
by PatriotByrd August 10, 2006
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A neo-nazi punk idolized by other fucking nazis -- see, for example, the other definition of Ian Stuart. Author of that seems to think Stuart was a decent human, as opposed to, you know, a nazi.

He sang in a band called Skrewdriver, which was a prominent advocate of white supremacy and racist skinhead fuckery. By some cosmic act of benevolence, his car drove itself into . Alt-right-delete these fuckers.
Other projects include The Klansmen (with the prominent LP "go fetch the rope," I can't make this shit up) and Ian Stuart and the Rough Justice, which sounds like something you'd find on Pornhub.
at a punk show:
normal human being: duuude sick battle jacket, is that a skrewdriver patch?

skinhead: yeah man, their tracks are so deep, like, we all just want to preserve our race, you know?
normal human being: uhhhh i don't know, thats some sketchy nazi shit man
skinhead, suddenly defensive: actually uh it's technically just ethnic pride
(normal person #2 and #3 notice conversation)
normal person #2: hey look this fucker listens to skrewdriver
normal person #3: u like ian stuart?
skinhead: yeah dude he's--
normal person #3: fuck off and die in a car crash
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by Jankinatr September 22, 2019
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