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ITT Tech is an "accelerated" college which seems to accept anyone that can pass its admission test. You can get all the answers wrong and still be allowed to join. It's only called accelerated because you attend school twice a week and give you a crap load of endless reading to do. Consider it daylight robbery since it costs 20k a year to attend and you spend 80% of the "school work" at home. Majority of the students are old doods or ugly girls. A typical day includes 90 minutes of a teacher talking endlessly with the aid of a projector, then a break in which you can't really do anything in the short amount of time, then 90 minutes of doing some sort of work. Then you get another ridiculously short break and afterwards 45 minutes of equally boring teacher lecture. Most of the stuff you learn you end up forgetting when the next quarter is over. You can't even keep a steady job because each quarter you get new class days and if they conflict, too bad, you're never able to get your class schedule changed.
ITT Tech student: omfg why are we even here in class if all you do is give us 3209841209 pages of reading!! ITT Tech frickin sucks!
by chibi-usa tsukino October 12, 2009
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