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INFOT is the spoken slang or written shorthand for the phrase "In the fullness of times" which was popularized by the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith and also used by avant-garde poets and the like.

"INFOT" means enough time has passed or enough events have occurred in order to effect a future action.
"The current shortage of pussy among Mormon men is a temporary problem that will be solved INFOT or, specifically, when the gift of polygamy is reinstated."

"River people: There is not time in these few very days to edit and make discs and distribute and so on, but will INFOT, of course."

"Understand, it's going to be 2012. The Mayans weren't bullshittin. The Mayans said there was some shit out there then the Mayans disappeared. Muthafucka's said 12/21/12 is the end. I'll spose well find find out INFOT."
by A. Stockton October 11, 2012
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