Irrational Male Homophobia.

This mindset being particularly rampant in the US, it is the belief that certain things will make you look gay to others. Most commonly this affects heterosexual men who may not be entirely secure in their orientation or masculinity. Or they just let what people think get to them too much. This includes, but is not limited to

1. touching or being physical with men in any manner other than brief, rough, and with a sense of 'camaraderie'.

2. not having a female with you while with a group of other men, especially in movie theaters. There must be a girl if two guys want to go see a movie and not be looked at like they're on a date. Preferably two girls, so it's a case of a beard.

3. wearing certain clothing pieces or certain colors

4. being in any manner associated with a gay man, either as a friend, a roommate, a classmate, etc. Males with IMH insist on having nothing to do, ever, with a gay or bisexual man.
Examples of IMH:
1. Two Indian men have their arms around each other's shoulders.
Bystander 1: "Oh, my god, are they gay?"
Bystander 2: "Well, they're touching each other. Duh."
Bystander 3: "Indian men touch each other more. It's like, a part of their customs or whatever. Jesus, do you guys have IMH?"

2. Guy 1:"Hey, bro, you want to go to the movies?"
Guy 2: "Sure, who's coming with us?"
Guy 1: "Uh, I hadn't asked anyone else yet, so dunno."
Guy 2: "Well... let me know when you have a group."
Girl: "Guys... you're being dumb. I think you have IMH. I'll come with you."

3. "Dude... you're wearing pink."
"Real men wear pink."
"No, man. That's, like, fuchsia or something. That is not pink. And real GAY men wear pink. Go change. I'm not being seen with you like that."
"Sheesh. Someone has IMH."

4. Jack: "Oh, my god, Sarah, my roomie is gay."
Sarah: "So?"
Jack: "I'm going to see if I can change rooms."
Sarah: "Really? Are you serious? You men and your cases of IMH."
by Capricious Nimbus February 23, 2011
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