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- An acronym that stands for "I Hate Chinese People."

- A quick saying to let others in the know of your disapproval of the antics of the Chinese, such as shitting in public, talking loudly, cheating on exams, polluting, and many more uncivilized acts.

- The saying may extend to non-Chinese, as long as they still perform similar POSMF antics - which are characteristic of the Chinese.

- Some examples of such antics include:

(1) Asshole who doesn't know how to walk so just stands open mouthed in the middle of the sidewalk until you almost run them over.
(2) Asshole who takes all of the free samples and chews with their mouth open.
(3) Asshole who decides to take a shit in your backseat for no apparent reason, other than being Chinese.
1. John goes to a museum, and observes a Chinese tourist climbing over the barricades to take a selfie with a statue.
2. John mutters "IHCP" before notifying security and calling on authorities to apprehend and deport the criminal.
1. Paul and Mary go on a date to a botanical garden.
2. Suddenly, a group of Chinese walk by, talk loudly, stand directly in front of Paul and Mary, rudely blocking their view, and disrupt the peaceful nature of the scene.
3. Paul and Mary look at each other and say: "IHCP"
by IHCPAllDayEveryDay May 15, 2017
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