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Stands for "I fucking hate this fucker/faggot!" Used to express one's hatred of an AP United States History teacher who rejoices in working his students to death by assigning them a fuckload of stupid, unnecessary homework every single fucking day, despite the fact that his students already have fucktons of homework from other AP classes. Also, IFHTF can be used to express one's hatred of a teacher who repeatedly insults one's intelligence and who never grades assignments on time.
Student: Mr. Marquina, why do you give so much fucking homework? Aren't you just a temporary substitute?
Teacher: (Trollface)

Student: Mr. Smith, why do you assume that I'm a dumbass who doesn't know shit about the Cold War?
Teacher: (Arrogant trollface)

Student: Mr. Cockblocker, why do you give us so much homework but never grade the assignments?
Teacher: (in arrogant surfer accent) I'm busy. My girlfriend ... this ... that ... motorcycle ... fun ... beach ... leisure time ... you know.
Student: (head explodes)

All 3 students: IFHTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by BURNOUT1776 September 07, 2013
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