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The name of the group started by an old juggalo from like 1994. He disagrees with everything juggalos today say, do or believe in, and even disagrees with the directions ICP has been taking for ten years. Despite that, he does try his best to help the fam by giving them the 411 about shit thats been long forgotten by them and constantly reminding all juggalos that ignorance of the outside world ain't bliss.

He might sound bitter as fuck, but dude has love regardless.
Guy 1: Yo, you hear of ICP Fans Against Juggalos?
Guy 2: You mean that angry ass poser that say he's a juggalo just to diss us?
Guy1: Damn, your a dumbass. Why do I still hang out with you?
by D.B.M. January 30, 2011
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