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"International Baccalaureate Programme". An internationally recognized program for academically gifted high school students. Similar to AP, however some may argue that it is more challenging and more unified. This program has special requirements for the students and to get the "IB Diploma," a student must be taking enough HL and SL courses chosen from 6 different categories. In addition, each student must take Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and complete the Extended Essay. Students enrolled in this program will generally be accepted into difficult colleges because they are impressed by the super sacred IB seal that will be attached to the first page of the student's transcript.
IB Program student 1: "Hey, wanna hear a joke?"
IB Program student 2: "Sure!"
IB Program student 1: "AP classes!"
by IBlota1 January 05, 2011
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One of the most challenging high school programs, yet totally useless. IB students rarely have a life, and if they do usually do not do well in their academics. The IB curriculum is usually adapted to their specific high school, however IB students are required to write IAs in every subject, the world lit essay, and extended essay (4000 words) and complete at least 150 CAS (creative, active, service) hours.

The average IB student gets between 2-5 hours of sleep every night, due to hour long procrastination and a huge work load. They are also typically divided into at least 5 groups:
- The hard working, well doing nerd (no life)
- The hard working, not so well doing nerd (no life)
- The semi hard working, well doing normal teeny (a life)
- The "I don't give a shit" person (PARTYYY)
- The smart person who doesn't work (PARTYYYY)

Despite the different types of IB students the typical IB student is awkward. They lack the normal gossipy world of high school, and are sheltered and protected from anything that's not school-related. On top of that, whenever IB students hang out, the only thing they are able to talk about is school.

It is however to be considered, that most IB students hate the IB program and wish they could "drop out" or "drop to academic".
Example 1:

IB1: Hey __________, what's up?
IB2: Not much really, just working on my World Lit.
IB1: Oh really? And how did you do on that Math Test?
IB2: Man, so badly. Dude I hate the IB Program.

Example 2:

nonIB: Hey, how are you?

IB: Pretty good, hbu?
nonIB: Same. Did you hear about ________ and ________ breaking up? I can't believe they are over, they've been together for ever!
IB: They were in a relationship??!?!?! :O
*awkward silence*
nonIB: Man you guys in the IB Program don't hear about anything!
by IB4LIFE January 05, 2011
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IB Program is short for International Baccalaureate Program. It is a challenging high school program for gifted and motivated students with the exception of Pierce Carruthers. Students who complete this course will be in the top 3% of the population academically.
Pierce: My name is Pierce, that's Pierce with 5 letters. I am a genius because I am in the IB Program.

Some IB student: You fucking dumbass, your name has 10 letters, and you also failed Math and French so shut the fuck up.
by cardblaster October 13, 2006
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