Because we are IB students and we handout tons of projects within a year, from a 4,000 word research, 1,500 theory of knowledge essay in which no one in the world knows what it really is, and a business ia which makes up 90000 pages up to math portfolio where you just wanna put your head in a vagina and analyze the graph of how face fucked you got and approximate the size of the vagina by using ti-84.
A level student 1: man, i cant stand this shit anymore, when will this torture end?!?!
A level student 2: dont worry, we'll make it out alive if we just dont sleep and do all the past papers with both time zones
A level student 3: uggghhhh, i bet no one can stand the shit we go through.
IB student 1: hahahahaha, look at these amateurs. You guys even know how to handle a project? It's called IB internal Assessment. You know what assessment means or should I bring you a dictionary?
A level students : ........ Sorry master, it won't happen again.
by marco_uncletony September 23, 2014