I.W.A ( Injins with attitude ) is a famous rap group from Akron N.Y. Member's include Rice-Cube, McTwig,Elee-E, Red and Dr Dave . The hit record "Straight outta Akron" put them at the #1 spot going triple platnium and they continue to grow today. The group is affilated with the gang B.D.G
Yo you hear that new I.W.A record ?
by HeyThastPrettyUnorginal January 7, 2018
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Intern With Attitude: Interns predominantly, but not exclusively, at large financial institutions will often show an attitude by asking ridiculous questions that are meant to show off knowledge not gain it.
that I.W.A is really getting on my nerves with those annoying questions
by ponki June 22, 2017
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