A phrase used to when one wants something badly, usually something that seems strange or completely random. It's normally used when someone is either 1.) too excited about the item to explain why they want it or 2.) doesn't WANT to explain why they want it. The phrase is taken from the "Pardon Me" strip in the webcomic "Three Word Phrase."
Pardon me, Sir. Do you have anything that will make a butt extremely slippery? I want the slipperiest butt imaginable. The most slippery butt you can have is the kind of butt I want.

....I want this because of reasons.


"Necomimi is the latest product from Neurowear. These fashionable cat ears use brain sensory to move according to your emotions..."

Someone put this on my Christmas list. I WANT THESE BECAUSE OF REASONS!!
by Nikki0417 December 15, 2011
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