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Something that is causing self destructive behavior worldwide, and commonly among African Americans. Basically it is when someone's heart becomes cold and they do whatever they can to get satisfaction that day, so school,saving money, wearing condoms, etc. doesn't make sense. It progresses quickly so if you don't catch it the first time someone stops giving a fuck it may be too late. only way to stop them from robbing stealing and dealing is to lock them up or kill them. The only known cure is to, well make them give a fuck (give them a hug?)
"nigga 1:Yo man my nigga Deandre's got "I don't give a fuck virus" bad man, he shot a guy, while slangin 20's on the block and fucking a ho without a condom WHILE getting his dick sucked and i didn't even know that was possible!
Nigga 2: Yeah, he got it bad ever since his mom's ran out on him he stopped doin school and all that, we need to show this nigga sum love!"
Nigga 1: let's go giv him a hug and roll up a L
nigga 2: yeh either that or load up the semi........"
by Hood EZ-3 December 19, 2008
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