This means I do NOT apologize, and fuck you.
"I DO apologize,"...said the serial killer.
"I DO apologize"... said the politician.
"I DO apologize"...said customer service.
by sizzlefashizle October 19, 2018
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Rather than taking responsibility or solving a problem that a company has caused you, they just use the three litte words to end the matter: "I DO apologize" with the emphasis on "DO". What they are really saying is "I DON'T apologize, nor do I give a damn about you, or the inconviences and money we have cost you, now hang up the phone and let me get back to my sandwich!"
After dinging the customer's credit card a third time, the phone clerk responded, "Yes I see we have overbilled you and caused your credit score to be lowered do to a mistake we have made but it is past 30 days and there is nothing we can do about it, I DO apologize".
by Rich Friedland March 15, 2009
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