It’s never, “good job, you won all your games again!”

It’s always, “next time…” or “you can do better if...”

It’s never, “are you ok?”

It’s always, “Stop being a baby”

Your sister yells, “Go away, I don’t need you!!”
It’s “Its ok Hunny, calm down”

But when you say, “can I try one more time?”

it’s, “Well fine, I’m just trying to help”


“Mom, I’m sad because someone is bullying me at school…, I don’t feel I’m enough for this world”
“Not again! You can’t have the same problems as your sister.”

“Hunny, your sister is having a hard time at school, be nicer to her, maybe do her dishes today”
“But mom, I have volleyba-”

Perfect, that’s a funny word.


“having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.”

Ok I can do that

Clean the house. Walk the dogs twice a day. Do the laundry. Make the beds. Make dinner and lunch.

That’s perfect

“Chloe, can you please help me, it’s your day for dishes and I’m cleaning the rest of the house”

“Later” or “no”

No, That’s the easiest word in the human language, yet so powerful.
by cassydassie November 9, 2020
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