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1. A statement of indifference to what is happening
2. A method of expressing ambivalence towards the current situation
3. A way to disavow knowledge of the cause of something
4. A way of blowing someone off
5. Most often used ironically, when you do actually know what is going on or why, but don't feel like explaining it
Man 1: Why is everyone throwing theirs socks at that clown?
Man 2: Don't ask me, I'm just here for the nachos.

Creepy guy in club: Hey baby, you wanna dance?
Woman: No thanks, I'm just here for the nachos.

(In a community chat room)
User 1: Why are those two airing their dirty laundry in a public forum?
User 2: No idea, I'm just here for the nachos.

Campus Security: You are all participating in an illegal demonstration. We have your names, and will be reporting you to your deans.
Student: Hey! Lay off, man! I'm just here for the nachos!
by Uncle Richard February 09, 2012
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