A phrase often employed during sexual relations, when said relations escalate to point calling for sexual intercourse, in which one of the members of the involved party has not hereto participated in.

This phrase can be employed by members of both genders, however it is particularly infamous when said by women.

This phrase's infamous nature is all the more notorious because it is known to abruptly end random sexual encounters or wheeling.

It is possible however that the virgin member of the party will want you to take their virginity. An extremely rare feat but a rather enjoyable one at that.
Male: I'm really turned on. Wanna fuck?
Female: I don't know...I'm a virgin...I don't want to lose it to a random guy.
Male: Aw man...

Male: Wanna fuck?
Female: I'm a virgin...but I want to lose it to you.
Male: I'd be more than willing to oblige.
by harry s February 7, 2011
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Female that looks and acts to innocent to have sex. though has had sex in a water bed, in a car, in the shower and on a spill way. But hey "technically I'm a virgin."
The girls who looks innocent, but has had sex more than you, "technically I'm a virgin"
by Tighnit February 25, 2014
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