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Definition 1: When a random human happens to magically appear in your house and fucks your cat and shits in its kitty litter.
Definition 2: Shooting and/or shanking one's cat, this is the most disrespectful thing you can possibly do to a person (other than ripping off their dick).
Definition 3: Taking a shit in many kitty litters and causing an uproar between cats and humans, resulting in the worlds end.
Human 1: I can't believe that you shit in my cat's kitty litter!
Human 2: I took a BIG FAT SHIT on your cat's kitty litter, deal with it.
Cat: Dafuq we talkin about again? Some douchebag came and shat in my kitty litter
Human 2: *Pulls out gun*. I WILL SHOOT YOUR FUCKING CAT!
Cat : Oh shit...
Human 1: *Screams in horror, is then shot along with his cat*
by DankKoosher420 May 16, 2016
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