I hope you step on a LEGO” is a phrase often used as a retort in rage comics and reaction images to express one’s resentment towards someone who has done something unpleasant as to deserve punishment or ill-fortune, such as accidentally stepping on a LEGO brick.
A: I hope you burn in hell!
B: Bitch please!
A: I hope you step on a Lego!
B: Don't ever say that again, you sick bastard.
by sirwoo June 15, 2013
A phrase to use in response to any argument
Person 1: We're not friends any more.
Person 2: Oh yeah? Well I hope you step on a lego!
Person 1: *gasps*
by Ehh... it's ok December 27, 2016
When you wish for someone to be in pure agony.
Guy A: "Rot in the fiery depths of Hell and burn into a crisp!"
Guy B: "I hope you step on a Lego brick barefoot."
Guy A: "You faggot. Don't talk to me ever again."
by Stupid and Also Dumb February 25, 2015
When you hate someone so much you hope they experience pure agony
Girl 1: Omg i cant believe you cheated on me he deserves the worst to happen
boyfriend: Sorry babe
Girl 2: Yeah I hope you step on lego
Girl 1: Ouch that's pretty cruel, maybe not that bad
by Yermy Battled Warter October 2, 2017