Expressing extreme happiness.
Guy 1: “How are you feelin’?”
Guy 2: “I’m happy as hell, I Be Swimming!”
by McFlossing April 8, 2019
when in water, This person is drowning, save them. When out of water, this person is calling you're bullshit, because you're lying.
1st guy- "I love my job and helping others in this hospital"

2nd guy- "me too, i'm such a tool"

3rd guy- "I cant swim"
by Turin May 29, 2008
a verb most commonly said by people of the black community
guy #1 - hey! lets go swimming! oh, wait.
guy #2 - oh helzz nah mainn. i from da ghetto. up therr we swim in da blood of me brothas, not in this pussy-ass-nigga-water. i cant swim.
by bitchhpleassee March 7, 2011
a phrase created by uriel bromberg to say when people ask why you can't drive yet or why would you not
peep: hey man, did you get your drive license?
you: nah, who needs a car if i can swim underwater

grandma: hey son, could you drive to the supermarket and buy me fresh fruits?
you: i ain't got drive license, but who needs a car if i can swim underwater
by the peanuts rock June 20, 2021