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☛ A medical condition primarily caused when the person is insufficiently in the presence of a Rukiyah.

In medical terms, Hypo is regarded as 'low concentrations of'
-The term 'Ruk' is abbreviated from the name Rukiyah.
-The term -aemia is a noun denoting that a substance is present in the blood.

☛ Hyporukaemia consists both of emotional and physical withdrawal symptoms.
Symptoms include:
-Poor concentration
-Muscle tension
-Difficulty breathing

More fatal symptoms may include:
-Strokes/Heart attacks

-The cure to this illness has puzzled doctors for many decades.
Upon great funding and research it has been deduced that there is only one known possible cure to hyporukaemia and that is to be in the presence of Rukiyah.
s (listed above).

Rukiyah is a prescription drug, rare to Europe, but more common in North Africa.
One has been documented in Ireland, Europe. As this drug is scarce, patients whom have not recovered from this permanently suffer a majority of the emotional/physical symptom.

Since 1994, The government funded many projects to look for suitors as a possible husband for Rukiyah.

To this day, none yet, have been successful. Until the Rukiyah is married and regenerating, more treatments will be available in the future.
Hyporukiaemia hi·po·ru·key·me·a
(low conc. of- Rukiyah- in blood)

As opposed to Hyperukiaemia, (translation to over) which is regarded in medical terms as 'high concentrations of'

⇨an example being Hypoglycaemia (low conc. of- glucose- in blood)
by itsokimadoctor June 15, 2014
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