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A self-proclaimed critic who is especially fond of criticizing anything whilst being hypocritical.
John, "Hey man what's with Greg?"
Jack, "Oh he's just a hypo-critic, just ignore him."
John, "He's always so unmannerly and today he told me I'M rude. The nerve."
by misslyss. February 24, 2011
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Some one who criticizes you for something who also does that thing.
My parents say I watch too much tv and gorunded me for it, but they watch tv from 7-12. They are such hypocritics!
Everyone is a hypocritic!
by Baseer September 06, 2005
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a hypocritical-critic.

someone who critizes another but they do/are the same as the person their critising.
The church minister displayed open-hatred views toward gays, but behind doors he was gay, what a hypocritic.
by appkey January 04, 2007
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