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A male between the ages of 15 and 18, usually black,filipino, or mexican, who just recently caught on to the "Hyphy" movement in the bay. They infest malls,concerts,EVERYWHERE waering their stunna shades,tall tees, and dirty as new era caps. They can constantly be identified by their fake hood call "Yeeee" (even though they arent from oakland or richmond) being yelled out for no apparent reason(maybe a mating ritual?). They claim to "rep the bay" when they are from pittsburgh,gilroy,burlingame,santa rosa,etc. They are mindless idiots who only listen to what 94.9 and 106.1 tell them is hot at the moment. They throw out any bay slang they think will make them sound as "bay area" as possible such as hella,beezy,etc.
Gay Dude On The Street: Hi there fella, wanna come home with me tonight?

Hyphy Kid: Yeeeeee, Yee!
by KingOfSJ July 18, 2006
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