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The process of smothering a girl with a pillow, then after a short period, you remove the pillow, and as she gasps for air, you blow your load in her mouth, thus causing Hyperventejaculation.
So you take a girl home, she seems interesting enough, and to spice things up a bit you put a pillow over her head..."What the fuck!?" she may be thinking (maybe saying it too, but you'll probably just hear a muffled sound and some squealing). Make sure to get yourself ready for the final leg of the process, just as she thinks youre actually trying to kill her you remove the pillow; said girl lifts her head up and takes a huge intake of air, aswell as an entire load of seamen causing mild discomfort. Girls love it really.

The process of Hyperventejaculation is often made better when followed up by a round of sandwiches which the bitch is going to make for you. Otherwise follow up with a Black Eye.
by El Mo Capitan June 30, 2010
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