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hy·per·link a·d·d, n.

An internet disorder caused from the sheer volume of hyperlinks present in an article. Similar in symptoms to Attention Deficit Disorder, ADD, when an individual suddenly travels to another hyperlinked article of immediate interest, and another article hyperlinked within the recently loaded article, never having completely finished the previous articles, and sometimes never returning to finish reading said articles.

Hyperlink ADD is most common for patients who frequently read Wikipedia, or forums where external hyperlinks are frequently present.

Symptoms include: fatigue; empathy; failure to finish sentences; addiction to clicking or tapping underlined words or phrases; not finishing this article on Hyperlink ADD

Similar to Google Amnesia where the sheer ease of discovering new information severely decreases the significance of the information gained
1. My god! I've spent an entire afternoon reading articles related to this current page on Domokuns, yet I forget what I was originally reading. I may have Hyperlink ADD

2. I spent the last 10 min clicking the 'Back' button on John's web browser. Either he's a world champion speed reader, or he has Hyperlink ADD.
by Echo Pryce December 06, 2007
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