Someone who thinks they are constantly ill. Will google symptoms and actually believe that they have them and worse that anyone else ever before.
James Watts for instance !! Always ill for instance and likes to show everyone very closely how ill he is by blowing in their face !!! Is only ill whilst being watched though as soon as out of site has a miraculous recovery and forgets all about it until he is seen again.
Phrase Doing A Jamesy :: Someone who fains illness and likes to let everybody know all about it. But never wants to let anybody down but obviously constantly does.

A Jamesy will switch from one serious illness to another at the blink of an eye. The mysterious illness can mutate from anything from Diabetes to Headaches to some made up terminal disease within the same sentence.

Don't be like James and do a Jamesy !!!!
A Hypercondriac Jamesy "I have never been so ill Mr Matty im sorry to let you down Mr Matty "
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