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A fictional superhero universe created by a couple of very bored high school kids with a very... um... unique sense of humor.

A brief synopsis of the involved superheroes and how they got their powers:

The Hyper Heroes - Fighting For the Glory of Good
Hyperactive Man: Struck by special lightning.
HellMan: Murdered and went to Hell, but made a deal with Satan to avenge his death in return for supernatural powers.
Dr. Pepper: Exposed to radioactive fumes after exploding a uranium bomb made from the eponymous soft drink.
Nose-Lick Boy: Snorted a black radioactive substance thinking it was cocaine.
Captain Obvious: Spilled radioactive goo on his telephone while working as a telemarketer.

The Terrorizers - Dedicated to Destroy
Berserker Man: Performed nightmarish experiments on himself in his basement.
Polish Sausage Man: Ate a polish sausage which had been exposed to unique radioactive chemicals.
Polish Sausage Boy: The offspring of Polish Sausage Man after he got his powers.
Semen Man: Had sex with a couple who had been exposed to unstable chemicals.
Junk Man: Ate a purple sandwich out of a dumpster that had been exposed to radioactive chemicals.
Person 1 - "We're the creators of the Hyperactive Man saga."
Person 2 - "The Hyperactive Man Saga? What the fuck is that?"
Person 1 - "Allow me to explain..."
by hyperactive_man February 21, 2009
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