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A way to drink alcohol.

First invented in Washington DC by an inventor known as ooohlie.

Description: Should look like 4 shots of vodka in one.

How to make a Hyper Shot:
Take either a styrofoam or plastic cup (usually provided by a crappy motel or hotel), Fill the cup with some type of vodka (preferably Ciroc), If its a small cup, you should have about 4 shots. If its a larger cup DO NOT FILL TO THE TOP FOR THIS IS NOT A HYPER SHOT ANYMORE, thats a you're gone shot. Only fill about half way to make about four shots. Now that you have a cup of alcohol, Drink it without stopping until its all gone. You might want to chase it with some sort of soda or drink, but this is not allowed or else it is not considered a Hyper Shot. There is no chasing Hyper Shots. You should feel results in 10-15 minutes. If not, Repeat with another Hyper Shot.
guy: Dude! Put that soda down! You don't chase Hyper Shots! Now we have to do it all over again!
other guy: I think we need more styrofoam cups.
by Inventor of the Hyper Shot. August 02, 2011
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