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Armenians are all for show. They like to get attention everywhere they go. A true 'Hye class' Armenian guy is like this: Dark hair short and combed sideways, back or just thrown gel in it. Sometimes it's so short he doesn't have to do his hair. Lots of cologne, if he wears it. One eyebrow or very bushy eyebrows, long eyelashes, big nose, gold "big" chain cross necklace, glasses or sunglasses usually thin and small, tatoo on left arm of a cross, jesus, or amenian flag, sometimes both. Wears adidas sweatsuit, sean john sweat suit, mostly suits that have to match. Or a white tank top with chest hair sticking out with dress pants and dress shoes. Has to have a big ring on right hand. They drive Mercedes, BMW, Infinity, or any luxury car. They blast Armenian music, russian music, or rap (2pac). They always try to hit on russian girls or be around russians, but they say they hate them? They love to drink, smoke cigarettes every five minutes. They are always in a crowd of at least 3 and are never, ever alone. They live mostly in L.A., and Sacramento. But are always traveling back and forth to visit friends. They call everybody 'Arra'. Armenian guys are players, as a girl, you can never expect them to be only yours. It's okay though I can't get enough of that 'Hye class', Girlz have to know how to play their game. Girlz just have to dress sexy, be willing to drink a lot, and laugh at everything they say. "they love to laugh" If one Armenian laughs all others have to. If you're serious, forget it they lost interest. If you are a nice, hot girl him and all five of his friends will try to get with u.
If you like to have fun all night, Actually all weekend, if you like money, if you like riding in luxury and having times you'll never forget, hang out with them Hye Class baby!
by SexyKiska September 28, 2006
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