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A Huxtable House Special is a male pours a lot of pudding on a female's vagina, then he inserts his penis inside & begins thrusting. While thrusting, the male would begin site Bill Cosby line like Zippety Zoop & Boopety Boop Boop. While the male is quoting such lines & thrusting, both particpants would reach their climax, ejecting their sexual fluids. Once both of them release these fluids, the guy would give the girl a Cosby Sweater. After she receives her Cosby Sweater, the male would pull out mixing both participants sexual fluids with the pudding that's on the female's vagina using his penis. The age requirement to try this is 45 years & up
Bill a man, 47 years old wanted to try something new with his wife Ellen, who is 45 years old. So Bill says to Ellen, "Hey baby I wanna show you what Huxtable House Special is". Ellen's response it " What the hell is that"? Bill responds to her by saying, "Look I have a whole lotta pudding cups here, so just zippetty zoop yourself to the bed room & you will find out.
by Sho'Nuff Joiner November 04, 2013
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