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Can be known as two seperate words "Hutcho Mundas" or as one word "Hutchomundas".

A commonly used slang word or description for when an individual goes out on the weekend and gets so F"cked up that he doesnt make it to work on the Monday morning, (some times the whole week) because of the amount of alcohol or drugs consumed.

This terminology should only be used for extreme cases of "come downs" or "hang overs" where the after affects cause the individual to make drastic changes to his life because of the weekend activites, such as quit their job, leave the country, sell the belongings, call the parents to tell them of their mistakes, apologizing to ex-girfriends for the way they treated them etc. This is all part of the "Hutchomundas"

So when your friend is having a REALLY bad Monday becasue of some crazy weekend that he is not coping with very well - you can sing this in a "mexican style" chant -

"Hutchmundas, oh Hutchomundas, oh Hutchomundas"
1. Have you seen Bobby today? No he is having a "Hutchmundas"

2. I feel really ill, I shouldnt have drank so much on the weekend, I think I am going to have a "Hutchomundas"

3. Did you see the state of michael at that rave on Saturday night? I bet he will have a "Hutchomundas"

4. I heard Peter wen tinto work on Monday after a huge weekend and quit his job as a lawyer and decided to become a fruit picker, he is having a real "Hutchomundas"
by Jimmy The Stain May 11, 2011
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