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The effect most open world video games suffer from after the player has completed the main story and most of the side missions. Symptoms of HWS (Husk World Symptome) include feelings of boredom, depression, anxiety due to loneliness due to lack of events happening, frustration (mainly that the game's shitty collection quests aren't all), and the feeling that you missed out on a lot of real world opportunities because you were so wrapped up in a fictional story. HWS has lead many a gamer's ambition of 100% completion to any early, depressing grave.

*Please not that HWS can occur with any open world game, not just the shitty ones.
Guy 1: I just got done with Batman: Arkham City... I mean I beat the story, but I just can't bring myself to collect all the Riddler Trophies because flying around a silent Arkham freaks me out. I'm sure there are more side missions, but the game really suffers from Husk World Syndrome now.

Guy 2: I felt the same way one hour after beating GTA IV.
by TrustTheDoctor September 01, 2013
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