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Fans of The University of Miami. While there is a small percentage of knowlegable and respetable fans the average Canes fan is an ignorant, uneducated loser who lives in South Florida. 95% of Canes fans never went to The University of Miami let alone even know where the campus is. The average Canes fan doesnt know more than 5 players on the team and doesnt have an open mind about college football. White, Black or Spanish Canes fans are some of the most despicable scUM in Dade and Broward counties. Hurricanes fans are all paranoid and beleive that the BCS and National Sports writers are against them. Canes fans do not sell out their stadium ( Orange Bowl or Landshark Stadium ) unless a top rated team or Rival are playing the Canes that week.
Stupid fucking Hurricane Fans are always running their mouths. Do they not know they havent won a division title since leaving the Big Least Conference . What a joke thier all stuck in the 80's and are in denial that UM will never be what it was.
by Coach Boris Ramnovitch July 11, 2009
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