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A high school home to many juvenile delinquents, sluts, jocks and nerds alike. The school's wide array of inhabitants makes for a vast, diverse environment, while under the authority of a mixed-bag of personalities.

Students attending the school are divided into groups such as: The nerds who play dungeons and dragons every lunch time, the ones who wear too much make-up and think they're superior, the jocks who pad their underwear, the slightly more intelligent crowd, the ones who remain exclusive in their ways at their isolated seating spot surrounded in smoke, and the ones one may call "slutty."

Most teachers at the facility are well educated and qualified and usually quite patient with the somewhat provocative and apathetic variety of children. Many a tear has been shed by the ever-entertaining substitute teacher.

The school proudly boasts a stunning location.. So wondrous in it's thick bushes of shrubs and trees, where students seem to simply disappear into them in their break... So mystical that smoke appears from the distance, seeming to come from nowhere at all....
Boy from Joeys 1: Hey look its some Hunters Hill high school kids...
Boy from Joeys 2: OMG RUN!

Girl from Riverside 1: Hey look its some Hunters hill high school kids...
Girl from Riverside 2: OMG RUN!

Girl 1: Hey look its some Hunters Hill high school kids...
Teacher: OMG RUN!
by returntosender1 December 14, 2010
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