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Purple plush spiked and relatively hideous yet loveable pillow pet. Large eyes, strange psychological arousing effects, has the ability to shift to random places not shy from the freezer, oven warmer drawer or ceiling. Often gets fisted or sexually violated with a boomerang. The perpetrator of many questionable acts, such as couch burning, specific-flatmate-insulting, giraffe burning and attracting Fokkos to our household.
Christine: Dude, what the hell is that?
Georg: It's Humpy Humpy.
Christine: Where the hell did he come from?
*all of a sudden, Humpy Humpy is humping Tiffany's leg*
Daniel: "... WHAT DA FUCK..."
Thomas: What does the Fokko say?
Fokko: Greg threw me on the floor. I only weigh 56 kilos.
Georg: I better Skype my dad about this...
by iwanttousemyrealname November 03, 2013
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