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A person whose IQ points are so low it's funny - anyone who has an IQ score of 70 or below is considered this.
Person 1 (Humpty Dumpty Dumbass): I was supposed to cook a pie today and it said to put it at 120 degrees, I measured a protractor to 120 degrees, and it didn't even feel warm to the touch after I set a timer for one hour! It melted! It said on the package set at 120 degrees for 45 - 60 minutes!! I'm suing McCain's for making a pie that doesn't cook and just sits in your oven like a pile of shit!!!!

Person 2: Holy fucking shit Kyle I told you this a thousand times! Your oven has a button that says "Bake" and you press it to set the degrees in celsius or fahrenheit, NOT A FUCKING MEASUREMENT ON YOUR STUPID NO FUCKING GOOD PROTRACTOR!! HUMPTY DUMPTY DUMBASS!
by beeytch\ April 18, 2017
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