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Humna is a Urdu name which means a bird from heaven. Humnas are usually really nice and honest and they might be annoying but they’re always there for you when you need them. They hate the same people that you do and they give you food and there a Potato Unicorn as well
A Humna loves you no matter what
by Ram173 May 29, 2018
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Humnas are very loveable people they often have big eyes and a beautiful smile they often to stupid stuff like bump into a pole, humnas personality are very kind and humnas can always be trusted they often have straight black hair and humnas normally can be rebellious humnas can be very weird sometimes but humnas are very kind hearted and they are very beautiful and alot of guys like humnas they are also very bold and can embarrass you without meaning too, if you have a humna as a friend you are lucky
Person 1 : who's the new girl shes so kind and beautiful.

Person 2 : shes humna and im so grateful she's my friend
by Definition2221 May 26, 2017
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(n.) A person who is extremely annoying but lovable as well. Usually Humna's are very unique and odd. They tend to have large eyes and crazy laughs. Humna's are far from normal and aren't always well liked. It takes a special type of person to understand a Humna, but in the end they make for good company. A Humna is very entertaining and once you get to know a Humna you can't help but to fall in love.
Person 1 says something really stupid.
Person 2 in response: "Stop talking. You sound like a Humna.."

Person 1: "Your girlfriend is so annoying..."
Person 2: "NAH, she's just Humna."
by buttholeitcher May 30, 2011
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