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Having one’s right hand in one person’s ass and the left hand in another person’s ass and hitting the right nerves to force them into a humorous conversation preferably to entertain others. A young Marquis de Sade used to practice this at dinner parties in Paris much to the delight of his sexually deviant party guests. It is speculated that this is where the term “talking out of one’s ass” was derived from.
A large balding man is slouched over with his pants down to his knees and next to him is a young maiden of twenty-one years of age who is on her hands and knees with the bottom of her dress pulled up to her waist. The one and only Marquis de Sade is positioned behind the two, a hand buried in each ass.

Jacques, the butler: Ladies and gentlemen, the Human Puppet Show!

(Thunderous applause)

Maiden: Ohh, ahhhhh, Knock, Knock!

Balding man: Hmmph! Uhhn. Who…the …Fuuuck…ahhh…is there!?

Maiden: Eeeh! Ohh! ANITA!!!

Balding man: Ohhyeeooww! Anita fucking who!!??

Maiden: Uhhhmp…Ohhh! Anita fucking dick in me!

Laughter abounds from the crowd!
by theinstigator October 18, 2016
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